What we do

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Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting

Concentrate on sales and improving the operations of your business while outsourcing your accounting department to us.

We offer a full accounting packages to individuals , small enterprises and Large corporation. We are dedicated closely with our clients while respecting the data privacy and business ethics.


We have trusted individuals to handle billing and invoicing, Book Keeping, accounting and collections.

Tax Services

Individual Tax Services

We provide effective tax strategies to minimize your taxes hence maximizing your profits.

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

We develop tax strategies according to your industry inorder to maximize the long term return on your investments.

Estate & Trust Tax Services

we navigate complex tax issues which may affect estates, we have experts in Fiduciary solutions.

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Financial Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experience with working with Founders and Startups for over 7 years has given us a competitive advantage in representing founders and family business valued between 1 million to 1 Billion

Financial Advisory Buy Side Services

We do the following: 

Acquisition advisory

Acquisition Financing

Corporate development services


Strategic Advisory

Capital Raising

Maximizing Shareholder values.

Transaction Preparation

Strategic Option Review